I Love Photoshop

So Photoshop has all these neat filters and effects that are supposed to do all these cool things for you like make lens flares, make things look chrome (that’s a fun one), etc. If you can’t tell I am being fairly sarcastic, the filters usually make things look lame. Until recently, though, I couldn’t figure out another way to achieve the look that I wanted any other way; that has all changed. With this piece I just used some custom brushes, custom textures, and a lot of layers to achieve the aged photo effect. I am particularly pleased with the wood behind the photo, however. None of that is a photo that is all brushes and textures. All told this piece consists of 4 photos composited together : The dancers, the foreground, the background mountains, and the sky. All the other elements were created.

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  1. DREW
    Posted July 6, 2008 at 7:31 pm | Permalink

    very cool joe.

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